Using Wisestamp’s Email Signature to Stand Out in an (Email) Crowd

Tired of having a boring and generic email signature? Want an email signature people will remember? Solve both issues by using Wisestamp’s email signature extension. Aesthetically pleasing and armed with all the functionality you could ask for, Wisestamp will help you stand out from the crowd.


You can use this tool for promoting your social media accounts (FB, Twitter, G+, YouTube, etc.), your blog or any other kind of content.

I’m a Chrome user so I installed the Gmail for Chrome extension. Launch the extension and once you’re past the start-up screen you can choose to brand a personal signature, a business signature or both. The free version grants you two signatures to use.

My recommendation is to view the templates to glimpse what is possible using their built-in creator. After some fine-tuning I created a table to house different items such as my logo and contact information. The editor allows you to easily tweak the colors, size and alignment of text. You can see my result below:


Setting up Wisestamp’s email signature should take no more than 5-10 minutes. The “wow” factor comes into play when you start to add the social media account icons. Connecting each account requires nothing more than selecting the proper platform from the drop-down and pasting in your URL.

From there save your work and preview your fancy new signature! If everything is correct hit ‘save and exit’ and proceed onward.

Now switch over to your Gmail account (be sure to refresh) and hit ‘compose’. Located at the bottom of the composition window is Wisestamp’s email signature logo. Hit the checkmark to enable the signature to display and if necessary switch back and forth between either your personal or business version.

Fun tip: If you install Signals by Hubspot to track who receives and opens your messages it will also record any clicks that take place on your Wisestamp email signature links including your social media accounts!


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