Adding a Social Sticky Sidebar to Your WordPress Site w/ Digg Digg

Digg Digg is a WordPress plug-in that allows you to add a social sticky sidebar (say that 3 times fast) with share buttons to your blog. The list of icons can be arranged above or below a post as well as in the sidebar.

The sidebar functionality is the highlight of the plug-in as it gives you the ability to nest the social icons in a floating (sticky) sidebar. Social Media Examiner, Social Mouths and countless other sites feature Digg Digg and for good reason.

Digg Digg on SME

Digg Digg as seen on Social Media Examiner’s website.

Its look and functionality adds to a website and doesn’t feel like a sleazy grab for clicks or a tacked on extra. Did I mention Digg Digg is also free and easy to setup? Win win!

Download the plug-in and watch the video above to see just how fast you can get everything up and running. It will literally take 5 minutes at most to setup. Digg Digg allows you to customize it however you see fit — almost any social sharing platform (24 total) you can think of is available and there are placement controls to position them just the way you want.

Digg Digg's backend functionality.

Configuring Digg Digg’s social share settings.

There are items that could stand to be fixed manually (Pinterest tends to overlap anything above it), but there’s not much else to change. If you notice I’ve actually got Flare installed right above the featured image for each post as well, but I’ll cover that in a future post.

I love having Digg Digg on my site. It’s important to note that it works best on blog posts and should be used sparingly on other ‘regular’ pages (home, about, contact). The reasoning is you want to give your audience the ability to share your created content as much as possible. It makes more sense to spread your reach with individual posts rather than just attempting to get people to share your home page.

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