How to Disable Facebook Videos Autoplay Feature on Desktop & Mobile

If the #ALS #IceBucketChallenge has taught us anything it’s that folks are quite capable of uploading native videos to Facebook. Gone are the days when nearly every video was a play button that routed us to YouTube.

Thanks to the viral nature of the challenge, the videos spread like wildfire. Everywhere I turned on Facebook people were dumping freezing cold buckets of water on their heads. It began with celebrities, CEOs, and even entire sports teams and then spread to the community level where your friends, neighbors and co-workers all joined in the cause.

For some folks, however, it consumed their entire newsfeed. Videos on a mobile device will also burn through your data plan so be mindful of your usage and always take advantage of wifi if at all possible.

It got me thinking about where exactly the setting was to disable Facebook videos autoplay feature.


Fortunately, it only takes 3 clicks on a desktop to disable videos from playing automatically:

1) Click the dropdown arrow on the far right & choose “Settings


2) Choose “Videos” at the bottom of the left sidebar


3) Switch the auto-play from On to Off


That’s all there is to it.

Looking to adjust the setting on a mobile device? No problem — except Android and iOS handle the setting differently.

iOS Users

iOS Users: Settings (phone settings) –> Facebook –> Settings –> Auto-play –> Choose ‘On’, ‘Wifi Only’ or ‘Off’.










Android Users

Android Users: Settings –> App Settings –> Video Auto-play –> Choose ‘On’, ‘Wifi Only’ or ‘Off’.


Screenshot by Scott Ayres at Post Planner


Screenshot by Scott Ayres at Post Planner


Screenshot by Scott Ayres at Post Planner

Don’t be embarrassed the next time you’re in public and the autoplay feature starts up at 100% volume while you’re harmlessly scrolling the newsfeed. Are you fine with the interruptions or will you be switching the feature off if you haven’t done so already?

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  • Awesome! Helpful to know how to do that as I’ve accidentally wound up with video playing with the volume on!

    • I think we’ve all been there at one point Lyn, glad I could help!

  • Thanks for this! I was able to disable it for my mobile but I couldn’t find the video option in my Desktop Facebook’s settings! i.e. it’s not listed there. Weird.

    • Very strange! I wonder if that means we’re running on different versions of Facebook? I guess there’s no real way to determine it based on that alone, but at least you got it disabled on your mobile device!