How to Grab Colors from Any Website Using Chrome’s Eye Dropper

Eye Dropper is a Chrome extension that makes it super easy to grab a color from any existing website for use in any graphics editing program. In this video I show you how to use the extension and also how you can apply it to a real world scenario. This is one of those utilities that you can use once a week or 4-5 times a day based on your [...]

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Adding a Social Sticky Sidebar to Your WordPress Site w/ Digg Digg

Digg Digg is a Wordpress plug-in that allows you to add a social sticky sidebar (say that 3 times fast) with share buttons to your blog. The list of icons can be arranged above or below a post as well as in the sidebar. The sidebar functionality is the highlight of the plug-in as it gives you the ability to nest the social icons in a floating (sticky) sidebar. Social Media Examiner, Social [...]

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Why Buffer is Easier and Better to Use Then Hootsuite

If I had to describe Buffer in just three words I'd choose "ease of use". Go to Buffer's about page and you'll find this: "Buffer helps you manage multiple social media accounts at once." No kidding. That much should be assumed, but they're downright humble about how easy it is to pull off. Full disclosure: I've got a Hootsuite Pro account, but I've been using the free version of Buffer [...]

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Twitter Acronyms Explained & (Almost) Comprehensive List

Twitter acronyms and abbreviations can be a confusing hodgepodge of text slang, high school girl phrasing, common sense short forms and current buzzwords. I must admit I've had to consult Google for acronyms I kept spotting on Twitter that I wasn't successfully able to guess on my own (FTW or 'For the Win' was my most recent lookup). Buzzwords and hashtags are constantly evolving. A list like this can never [...]

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