Using SlideShare for Content Strategy and Research

Even if you're a fan of SlideShare, it might surprise you to learn that the service has been around since its inception in 2006. The presentation-sharing platform (owned by LinkedIn) announced last week that it's making many of its Pro level features free.  The change took effect on August 20, 2014. While that's obviously great news for SlideShare power users, I feel that the majority of marketers take content on SlideShare for granted [...]

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3 Social Media Weapons to Maximize Engagement Quickly

An oft-repeated mantra throughout social media is to constantly focus on 'maximizing engagement'. Engage with your community on Twitter, set up alerts to ensure you don't miss an opportunity to engage, always respond to comments on your get the picture. The problem is these same articles don't delve too deeply into 'how' to actually increase your engagement levels. It does take work to maximize engagement; it's not something that [...]

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Is Facebook Alienating Your Small Business?

Facebook's like-gating announcement is another blow to small business battling for positioning on the platform. It's no secret organic reach is down and a pay-to-play mentality has taken over in the minds of marketers and social media gurus. Facebook ads may provide the best opportunity to reach your target audience, but what if you're a solopreneur or small business with little to no advertising budget? My biggest issue with the [...]

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Use Sniply to Drive Curated Content Traffic Back to Your Site

Sniply is one of those social media apps that feels like you're cheating the system. is both easy to use and capable of being a very powerful weapon for social media users that do their fair share (pun intended) of content curation. The magic of Sniply doesn't come from being able to share your industry related news and links, but by embedding your branding on the other side of that [...]

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Easily Create Swipe Files with Skitch

Swipe files. They've been around for awhile, but I'm starting to see them more and more across various websites because they're perfect for use as lead magnets in exchange for an email addresses which will help build your email list. They're enticing because they offer a behind-the-scenes glance at another company's 'aresenal'. The larger the company the more enticing their swipe file will become in the eyes of the general consumer. Here are some [...]

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