Curing Writers Block By Adding Pictures First

I don't have to tell you that motivation is a fickle thing or that creativity doesn't churn out 24/7. What happens when you're tasked to produce an article or blog post and you find yourself staring at a blank screen and a blinking cursor suffering from writer's block? What would curing writers block mean to you? You'd probably find yourself writing more often or at least more productively right? Over [...]

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Creating Relevant Content Using BuzzSumo and Google Trends

Having a tough time coming up with ideas for your next blog post? Trying to formulate what content will deliver traffic and social shares can make for some bouts of procrastination and writer's block. Instead of dealing with that headache, do this the next time you're questioning yourself: Visit BuzzSumo and start a search to analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor. The results will help you determine the [...]

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Mastering the Advanced Search in Twitter for Awesome Results

Twitter is a very divisive social media platform. It seems people either love it or hate it because they're confused how it works and how to generate actual engagement and conversations. I've got a Twitter power user tip to help you out that many of you may not even know exists! Regardless of your own opinion of the platform, there's no arguing Twitter is still popular and important. Whether it's with a B2C [...]

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The Easiest Way to Download YouTube Videos

Have you ever wished you could download a YouTube video for offline viewing? Perhaps you've needed to transfer a video to another device and were looking for an easy way to accomplish the task. Below I'm going to provide two solutions that I frequently use to download YouTube videos. Trust me when I say there are numerous options available that will do the same thing. Most of these alternatives involve installing [...]

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The Importance of Conversion Optimization and Online Sales Funnels

What is the end goal or purpose of your website? Is your site setup with the proper funnel in place to ensure your success? Conversion optimization will be slightly different for every website. There are actions that can be taken by following these four steps: Measure Analyze Test Optimize I recently presented for the Columbus Web Group at a Meetup event. Below this post is the video where I go through the [...]

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