5 Ways to Make Sure You’re Prepared for the Unexpected

This list might come off as common sense to some, but I'm sure a lack of preparedness has affected us all at some point. Think of a recent situation where you were faced with a challenge and you weren't as prepared as you could have been. At what point did you recognize that you were unprepared? Did it make you nervous or were you convinced you could just 'wing it'? [...]

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Twitter Acronyms Explained & (Almost) Comprehensive List

Twitter acronyms and abbreviations can be a confusing hodgepodge of text slang, high school girl phrasing, common sense short forms and current buzzwords. I must admit I've had to consult Google for acronyms I kept spotting on Twitter that I wasn't successfully able to guess on my own (FTW or 'For the Win' was my most recent lookup). Buzzwords and hashtags are constantly evolving. A list like this can never [...]

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Finding Your Way As A Newbie Designer, Part 1

Maybe you took a graphic design class in high school or college. You set that birthday invitation up for your grandma's surprise birthday party last year and received some praise from family members. Perhaps you've leafed through a Photoshop book or made a hilarious internet meme. These things don't make you a designer. Everyone has a family member or friend they turn to for graphic work (free of charge naturally). [...]

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