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The Importance of Conversion Optimization and Online Sales Funnels

What is the end goal or purpose of your website? Is your site setup with the proper funnel in place to ensure your success? Conversion optimization will be slightly different for every website. There are actions that can be taken by following these four steps: Measure Analyze Test Optimize I recently presented for the Columbus Web Group at a Meetup event. Below this post is the video where I go through the [...]

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Using SlideShare for Content Strategy and Research

Even if you're a fan of SlideShare, it might surprise you to learn that the service has been around since its inception in 2006. The presentation-sharing platform (owned by LinkedIn) announced last week that it's making many of its Pro level features free.  The change took effect on August 20, 2014. While that's obviously great news for SlideShare power users, I feel that the majority of marketers take content on SlideShare for granted [...]

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3 Social Media Weapons to Maximize Engagement Quickly

An oft-repeated mantra throughout social media is to constantly focus on 'maximizing engagement'. Engage with your community on Twitter, set up alerts to ensure you don't miss an opportunity to engage, always respond to comments on your blog...you get the picture. The problem is these same articles don't delve too deeply into 'how' to actually increase your engagement levels. It does take work to maximize engagement; it's not something that [...]

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How to Disable Facebook Videos Autoplay Feature on Desktop & Mobile

If the #ALS #IceBucketChallenge has taught us anything it's that folks are quite capable of uploading native videos to Facebook. Gone are the days when nearly every video was a play button that routed us to YouTube. Thanks to the viral nature of the challenge, the videos spread like wildfire. Everywhere I turned on Facebook people were dumping freezing cold buckets of water on their heads. It began with celebrities, [...]

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Warning!!! Backup Your WordPress Site or Learn the Hard Way

There are two camps when it comes to backing up Wordpress websites. The ones that do it and the ones that wish they did it. Let's go more in-depth. Ever wonder why Wordpress is constantly pushing out new updates (currently 3.9.2)? Sure there are a fair number of bug fixes and enhancements, but there are always new security improvements specifically tailored to counter the steady stream of hacks and malicious [...]

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